PhenQ Review – Lose More Weight with a 5 in 1 Supplement

PhenQ review and great savingsGet started with PhenQ and get a 5 in 1 weight loss supplement that can take your diet to a whole new level!

The truth about weight loss supplements is that most of them will one give you one, perhaps two benefits that will make you lose weight.

This is far too risky if you really want to get some good results out of your weight loss efforts.

With PhenQ, you are way more sure that you are going to reach your weight loss goals, effectively!

In this article, you are going to learn exactly how PhenQ will make you lose weight and what benefits you are going to get from this supplement.

Also, remember to check out our overall PhenQ review, the conclusion why you should use Phen Q.

How PhenQ Works And Will Make You Lose Weight

One of the greatest benefits using a weight loss supplement like PhenQ is that it will make you lose weight in a total of 5 different effective ways.

This means you will get your desired weight loss results faster than with other supplements available, that typically can help you to lose weight in 1 or 2 different ways.

Let’s take a closer look at how Phen Q will make you lose weight and the benefits you will get.

Burn Fat

PhenQ will make you burn fat in two different ways. First it will speed up your metabolism so your body will be burning more calories daily.

Next step in the fat burning part is that PhenQ carries thermogenesis abilities which mean it will heat up your body’s core temperature. When your temperature is higher you will also burn more calories in the form of body fat.

This can be done thanks to the α-Lacys Reset®  formula which we will be talking more about a little later.

Stop Your Body Fat Conversation

One thing is to burn more body fat, another thing is to stop the conversation where fat and carbohydrates from your diet are being converted into body thru your blood stream.

Being able to lower this process is an effective way to “shrink” the body fat you have stored on hips, thighs and buttocks. PhenQ will make sure that no new fat will be added to these areas, and you will gradually get a slimmer appearance.

Suppress Your Appetite

Being able to suppress your appetite can be the only thing that will make you successful being on your diet. Being able to suppress your appetite so you will feel full and satisfied much faster and also be able to avoided the dreaded food cravings during the day, can really help you to get rid of some calories.

PhenQ comes with some very powerful appetite suppressant ingredients like Nopal and chromium picolinate that will fill you up with fibers and lower your cravings for sugar.

Increase Your Levels of Energy

Going on a diet can really drain you from energy. This  can be dangerous because you will get tempted to take in sugars in order to boost your energy levels. You are much better off getting the energy boosting benefits a supplement like PhenQ is going to give you.

Get a Better Mood

going on a diet can often alter your mood in a way that makes you get started comfort eating. This is a vicious cycle to end up in and will often make you gain even more weight than when you got started before your diet.

PhenQ comes with soft mood enhancing properties that can help you to stay happier and positive while being on your diet. This will help you to avoid ending up in emotional eating, where you are over-eating in your hunt for happiness.

Bottles of PhenQ

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PhenQ Ingredients and How They Work

PhenQ comes with a lot of ingredients that will help you to take your weight loss diet on a whole new level. This includes the scientifically proven and patented α-Lacys Reset® formula that speeds up your metabolism and your body’s thermogenesis.

α-Lacys Reset®

This formula is the main reason why PhenQ is different from any other weight loss supplement, and why you should use it to lose weight with.

α-Lacys Reset® *) creates a synergistic effect in your body that will increase the regeneration of body cells and decrease the oxidation process by getting rid of toxins like the free radicals.

When they are gone it will increase your metabolism and thermogenesis because the free radicals are no longer slowing down and destroying your bodily functions.

A high amount of free radicals is also related to an increase of your aging process and age-related diseases. It is very beneficial for you to get rid of these free radicals and Phen Q will do it for you.

α-Lacys Reset® Wil also improve your results if you are working out, doing cardiovascular training or are building lean muscles.


Or Capsicum is another ingredient you will get with Phen Q. It will speed up your body’s thermogenesis and metabolism. It exists in chilli and pepper fruits and adds the strong flavour to the taste.

You probably recall the last time you were having spicy food and the sweat it produced on your forehead. When Capsaicin is present in your body it will increase your heat production and you will be burning more calories.

Capsaicin will also improve your body’s fat burning abilities when you take a supplement like PhenQ.


Is a fiber rich cactus that will help you to suppress your appetite. Nopal has shown to be very effective when it comes to lowering your calorie intake and make you feel full and satisfied.

Chromium Picolinate

Will lower your cravings for sugars and sweets. Chromium Picolinate takes care of your blood sugar levels so they will stay normal during the day.

Not falling into the thoughts of having sweets during the day will make it a whole lot easier to stick to your diet.

L-Carnitine Fumarate

When you take this ingredient with PhenQ it will turn more body storage fat into pure energy that can be used right away.

L-carnitine is great to take when you want to avoid the fatigue that often occur while being on a diet. If you are going to the gym carnitine will also give you an extra shot of energy and make you burn more calories from your body fat.

Calcium Carbonate

Is first and foremost beneficial to your bones. But high amount of calcium also signals to your body that you do not need to store any more body fat for later use.


Is an alkaloid that exists in peppers. It is really not that effective on its own but when you combine it with ingredients like capsaicin it will make more effective and give you better results.


Are widely used in almost all weight loss supplements. The reason for this is because it works. Caffeine is the most well proven and documented weight loss ingredient on the market today.

It makes you lose weight by increasing your energy levels, increase your metabolism and suppress your appetite.

Phen Q effective and quick wiehgt loss

How to Take PhenQ for Best Results

For best results, you should take PhenQ twice daily. One capsule in the morning together with your breakfast and one at lunch. You should not take PhenQ after 3 am.

Remember that each PhenQ container comes with 60 capsules so you will have a month supply with this approach.

Weight Loss Tips Using PhenQ

If you want to get even better results using Phen Q then leave out as many carbohydrates as possible in the evening. Stick with some meat and vegetables but leave out any rice, potatoes or other starches.

Our PhenQ Review

In our PhenQ review, we are pretty positive regarding using PhenQ to lose weight with for a couple of reasons.

First we like that you are not only relying on one weight loss method but 5. This will give PhenQ a much higher success rate than a lot of other supplements.

We also like the α-Lacys Reset® formula and how it will make you lose weight. It makes it more about losing weight by improving your body’s fat-burning abilities and not so much about starving yourself with a low-calorie diet. In our investigation of α-Lacys Reset® we found numerous sites and studies backing up the claims of this formula.

When we look at the ingredients list of PhenQ we like that the ingredients that have been chosen obviously have been added because they will give you a weight loss benefit or will strengthen the benefits of other ingredients.

Way to many weight loss supplements today comes with an ingredient list that makes no sense and has been made more to impress than actually to make you lose weight.

The people behind PhenQ know what they are doing.

Pros Using PhenQ

  • Targeting your weight loss from more angles
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Comes with the new patented and trademarked α-Lacys Reset® formula
  • Well proven ingredients
  • Multi-buy savings available
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Produced in GMP and FDA approved facilities

Cons Using PhenQ

  • Need to buy more than one container in order to get great savings
  • Should not be used after 3 pm due to disrupted sleeping patterns
  • People sensitive to caffeine should not use PhenQ

How to Buy PhenQ

The best way you can buy PhenQ is directly from the manufacturer. Not only will you get the cheapest prices it will also be your guarantee that the PhenQ supplement you are getting is 100% genuine and real.

Take a look at the table below and see how much you can save right now on PhenQ

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*) More information on α-Lacys Reset®  can be found at